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Don't just take my word for it...

"I loved the physical exercises facilitated by Liz, and learned several methods of how to teach concepts from them"

"I love Liz - icon of making heavy topics digestible in meaningful and impactful ways"

"Liz is inspiring. Hands down. Life changing. I left literally every one of Liz's sessions with my mind blown"

  "Liz is excellent, incredibly knowledgeable and personable. Her insights, experience, and perspectives were profound"

Scroll down for some case studies on previous work



A whole-club approach to navigating conflict

The Challenge:

A high-performing professional sports team was experienced an identity-based conflict within their team. This conflict had also impacted the entire organisation, across the sport and front office sides. 

What happened:

Working closely with the club, we created a 5-day programme that focused on unearthing and resolving conflict with the impacted group(s), but also building understanding and empathy across the entire organisation, inclusive of interns all the way to CEO.

The Impact: 

The club had a space to address and process the initial conflict, whilst also building empathy for one another, and understanding of how to move forward. Participants were left with a shared language, increased knowledge, and a willingness to rebuilt trust between each other.

Image by Vienna Reyes


A virtual workshop-series to build an understanding of allyship and anti-racism

The Challenge:

In advance of two international tournaments (men's and women's) the supporters of the National Team wanted to receive a training series that would build understanding of allyship and anti-racism. Supporters represented 'chapters' from their State, and were from a range of geographical and demographic backgrounds.  

What happened: 

Together with a small team, we devised content and an action plan for delivering the training series. We began with national board members, who provided feedback and suggestions as we continued to devise the training series. We then outlined a delivery plan to offer chapter leaders the opportunity to attend the training. Chapter leaders from across the country received an interactive and impactful session unpacking 'race', 'privilege' and understanding allyship. 

The Impact:

Chapter leaders were able to learn, understand and build confidence in being able to not only recognize racism in their own setting, but take action in ensuring it never happens (anti-racism). Chapter leaders were also given the support of resources to take with them on their international team experiences, at home and abroad. 

A Better Tomorrow


A half-day session unpacking Race

The Challenge:

Students of a youth organizing movement aged 16 - 18 gathered for their annual summer school. As part of their social justice education, they required a half day session unpacking Race, Racism and White Supremacy. Students represented a wide range of demographics, knowledge base, and access needs.   

What happened: 

I devised a half-day workshop that took students through the desired topics. I used a wide range of pedagogical tools to ensure students were able to access the content in a range of ways whilst also teaching complex definitions. As the group was also racially diverse, I considered the distribution of privilege and positionality in the room, including lived experience of racism within society.

The Impact: 

Students were able to learn, process and discuss tricky topics concerning race and racism, assisting them in the next steps of their learning process, and onward in their organizing career. 

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